Cannondale – Why Wilton?


Robert Baird

Former CEO, Dorel Sports

Why He Chose To Bring Cannondale Back To Wilton

Baird2“We were looking for a central location where we had abundant access to the talent pool required to run a $1 billion cycling sports portfolio. Wilton is in the heart of Fairfield County so we could draw great employees from a 40 mile radius. When we started looking, the Wilton town officials and planners helped us figure out how to overcome obstacles like having bikes paths lead to our office.

While there was, of course, a sentimental component to coming back to the town where Cannondale was founded in 1971, it was also about a quality of life and the Wilton school system that was important to the many families that we impacted by moving here.

I certainly didn’t envision moving a company to town when I graduated from Wilton High School some 35 years ago. Yet, when I came back to Wilton, I realized that it’s always been a beautiful community that is ideal for business and families.”

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