WEDC Partnerships

The WEDC’s role is to support businesses seeking to move to or grow in Wilton. Our partnerships with other organizations enable the WEDC to quickly facilitate the plans and steps to harvest the best options for businesses. Our coordinated approach with local and state economic development partners offers businesses the ability to look at Wilton’s development holistically.

Wilton Chamber of Commerce


The Wilton Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to economic development within our community. The WEDC coordinates with and complements the Chamber’s work to enhance local business relations and provide valuable programming for businesses to connect with the community.

CT for Business


CT for Business is the State’s lead agency that attracts and retains businesses in Connecticut. By working closely with CT for Business, the Wilton Economic Development Commission is able to devise strategies that are the exclusive result of private, local and state partnerships.

Connecticut Economic Resource Center

The Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. (CERC) is a nonprofit corporation and public-private partnership that provides economic development services consistent with state strategies, leveraging Connecticut’s unique advantages as a premier business location.